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WPHP Radio and Television

Communication is the key to success at WPHP. Students who participate in this

program are more prepared for the world of work and for the 21 st century. Even those who

choose to continue their education in a completely unrelated field have the advantage of having learned to appear before a group or an individual and make a good presentation of

themselves in speech, appearance, and body language. Speaking, listening, reading, writing,

and technology skills are key components of the program and are skills valuable to all students.

With modernization, students will have an opportunity to effectively and efficiently learn all

aspects of broadcasting. They will be prepared to accept part time or full time employment

with a high school degree or be at an advanced level if they choose to enter college for further

study in this field.

Since the program began, our students have received many awards. One of the most

prestigious scholarships that our school awards annually goes to a student in the Broadcast

Technology Program at Wheeling Park High School. The Patrick A. scholarship was created in

memory and honor of the man who developed the Broadcast Technology Program into what it

is today. It benefits students who choose to continue their education in the field of

communications. Countless students have graduated from Wheeling Park High School, gone onto college, and currently work in the field. Our program boasts graduates who not only work in all different-sized markets, but also ones who currently work for CNN and Nike. WPHP also takes great pride in our partnership with WTRF-TV. For over 20 years, students in the Broadcast Technology Program have been job shadowing every week at this CBS and ABC affiliate. In fact, WTRF-TV currently employs many of the graduates of this program.

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