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Carver Cafe

Our company lives and strives to meet one of Henry Ford’s most famous Quotes “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success”. During 2017 our Management Team and our Culinary Team both received 2nd place during the West Virginia HEAT competition. We also held several catering events including The Superintendent Luncheon, The Governor of West Virginia’s black tie party, and several farm to table dinners. We also work charity events such as Daymark, March of Dimes, and Dip Dinner at the Roosevelt Community Center.

Roles at Carver Cafe include:

  • Kitchen Committee/ Lead Chef and Baker: Both takes charge of the kitchen. One takes charge of leadership skills, while the other takes charge of measurements, organization and baked goods.

  • Safety Committee: The safety committee is to make sure that no one gets hurt on the job. If there is an accident then they have to report it and fill out accident papers.

  • Greenhouse Committee: A greenhouse gives you the chance to plant a variety of herbs, vegetables, and lettuces in a climate controlled and pest- free environment. The committee takes special care over the plants and works with the local farmer.

  • Event Planning Committee: Plans parties and events. They will book rooms or buildings, set up the theme of the party, decorate and manage the event.

"To be a part of a program like ProStart has taught me many things, but most of all how to cook with passion and a love for all produce." Haley Workman
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